8 Of The Most In-Demand Career Paths To Choose For The Future In The USA

8 Of The Most In-Demand Career Paths To Choose For The Future In The USA

Picking the right career path is the key to avoiding disappointments in your job hunts. That said, it is important that you find a career that is growing with the tide and not contracting. When identifying the best career paths for the future in the US, it is important to consider some aspects such as pay, job growth, job satisfaction, stress level as well as other factors. If all these factors are met, it means the career path is in-demand and may be competitive in the foreseeable future. Below is a closer look into the best careers paths that we think will lead to the best jobs in America in the near future.

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Missionary Boys

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It is clearly visible that nurses are on demand and as a result the medical field is one of the career paths that indicate potential for growth. Since nurses carry out similar duties as doctors, it is expected that the demand for their services will increase by 23% making this field an in-demand career path for many people in the US.

The Technological Sector

The career professions included in the technological sector comprises of System Engineers, IT Analysts, System Engineers, and Software Architects. This field is arguably the #1 field in terms of growth in the next decade meaning the demand for IT experts and system engineers will also increase.

The Financial Sector

The financial sector is a rewarding career path for individuals who are good in numbers. These include Actuaries, Financial Advisors, and Accountants among others. As more businesses are put up while others do away with pension plans, the services of accountants and financial advisors will increase in demand by 18% and 41% in the next decade.

The Education Sector

The demand of educational experts such as Elementary School Teachers, College Professors, and High School Teachers is expected to grow by approx. 23% in the next decade thus necessitating individuals to take interest in this growing arena.

Business Service Jobs

Jobs such as Construction Estimator and Environment Health Specialist can be said to be the lifeblood of the American economy accounting for more than 70% of all jobs. In the next decade, the demand of these services may increase by 28% meaning that the career is a pathway to success.

Engineering Jobs

Engineering experts such as Civil Engineers, Environmental Engineers, Project Engineers, and Structural Engineers expect the demand on their services to increase by approx. 7% while the demand for Biomedical Engineers is expected to rise by a whopping 72%. Also, it is worth noting that engineering jobs are satisfying and are associated with low stress levels.

Consultion Jobs

Healthcare and Management Consultants are also in the list of top 8 in-demand future career paths due to the anticipated growth of approx. 24% in the next decade. The demand arises as businesses look to increase revenues and cut costs on employees by outsourcing projects.

Sales Jobs

Despite this job category being a stressful and high pressure occupation, the pay the likes of Sales Executives, Sales Professionals, and Sales Directors take home is worth the effort. As businesses continue to develop, the need for qualified sales personnel will be high in the next ten years.