The Best Cities In The United States Where You Can Further Your Education

Here are the best cities of US where you can easily pursue your education and will love to live too.



Harvard University

In case you need to be encompassed by the world’s ideal and brightest students and scholastics, then you can’t really do much better than Boston particularly on the off chance that you incorporate the close-by student-centered town of Cambridge, MA. The latter is the location of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Harvard University, positioned first and second on the planet. Boston is likewise home to another five colleges which rank in the top 400. Bosses are without a doubt mindful of Boston’s renown, with the city acquiring the second best score on the list for ’employer activity’. The Boston region is additionally outstanding for arts and culture, especially with regards to contemporary traditional music. It’s not all genuine scholarly community and highbrow culture, however: the city is additionally prestigious for its bars, and additionally its affection for games.

New York

New York City is the city that never sleeps and is quite popular amongst the students. A couple of different urban areas evoke the same number of moment affiliations, be it the skyscrapers that serve as towering landmarks to the city’s budgetary power, the amazing music and farm scenes, the brilliant lights and style of Broadway or the popular stores and heavenly road sustenance.

San Francisco


University of California, Berkeley

Lying adjacent to California’s extremely popular tech development center Silicon Valley, San Francisco is another notable US city, within striking distance of two of the world’s most prestigious colleges, Stanford University and the University of California, Berkeley, as of now positioned third and 26th on the planet separately. One of the world’s driving 10 budgetary focuses, the San Francisco Bay Area is home to several innovative organizations, especially in the technology sector.


Next in our list of the best cities in the US for students is ‘The Windy City’. A quick paced, skyscraper economic hub, Chicago is also a city that broadly knows how to relax. Positioned as the 30th best student city on the planet this year, Chicago stays well known as the site of a blast of blues and jazz music amid the twentieth century, which earned it a notoriety for being the northern US response to New Orleans.

Los Angeles

Sunshine is ensured basically all year round in our next best student city in the US, which positions at 42nd overall. Los Angeles can be defined by the creative industries on which its wealth is founded: music, TV, and “above all” film. Different things that may jump to mind when you think about the city are the splendid Californian sun, shorelines, and the ceaseless quest for the body lovely all things considered, this is the home of “Muscle Beach”. On the off chance that you’d preferably be practicing your brain than your body, there are a lot of prestigious colleges in Los Angeles, including the University of California.

Washington DC

It won’t be an astonishment to see the government capital positioning as one of the best cities in the US for students.

Studying in Washington DC means being right at the heart of US history and governmental issues the White House, and national landmarks and remembrances are altogether situated here.

Washington DC’s position as the main student city is aided by the five colleges situated in and near the city, the highest ranked of which is the University of Maryland.


Home of Ivy League member of the University of Pennsylvania, along with the Drexel University and Temple University, Philadelphia positively stand its ground as an international study destination. Philadelphia has a rich past, having assumed a key part all through US history and governmental issues for example, it was here that the Declaration of Independence was marked in 1776. Past the visitor trail, it is a multifaceted current city, ending up plainly understood for its game and fine food.


Pittsburgh, the second-biggest city in the US state of Pennsylvania, holds its place in the Best Student Cities this year. Pittsburgh compensates for the high educational fees seen at colleges across the US by offering a solid nature of living, assorted student populace, and an opportunity to learn at an incredibly famous college.