Most Paying Part-time Jobs In USA

Most Paying Part-time Jobs In USA

Several international students want to work while they are studying in the USA to earn additional cash and practice their English. This can be a difficult and complicated process, but advance preparation will help you in getting more opportunities to get a job.

To be successful in finding a job for you, you need to understand the rules as well as you should be aware of where you need to go to find it.

The United States issues various types of student visas, however most international students get the F-1, a nonimmigrant visa for full-time study. Since the F-1 visa is just for educational purposes, the U.S government places confinements on the work alternatives for F-1 holders. Notwithstanding, this does not imply that you can’t work in the event that you have an F-1 visa. As long as you understand and follow the legal prerequisites, you can work on a student visa. Here are the most critical rules for working in the United States on a student visa:

  •  You should keep up full-time student status under all circumstances.
  • You can’t work off campus amid your first scholastic year of study. Amid that time, you are allowed to work on campus part-time (close to 20 hours, seven days) while classes are in session.
  • After one scholastic year, you can work off-campus in a position identified with your field of study through the Curricular Practical Training (CPT) or Optional Practical Training (OPT) alternatives.

Here are some of the most paying part time jobs which you can get while studying in the USA

Non-Profit charity fundraiser

You might get paid up to $30 per hour while working as a non-profit charity fundraiser. This occupation involves supporting a not-for-profit and its affiliated fundraising activities. It requires public facing work experience.

Social media assistant

You might get paid up to $21 per hour while working as a social media assistant. Social media assistants often work part-time to manage the social media channels and also help in assisting companies with content marketing.

Online researcher


Online researcher

You might get paid up to $37 per hour as an online researcher. Online researchers support business experts by researching questions to convey customers with top notch answers and personal explanations. Astounding exploration skills and the capacity to discover quality substance are an absolute necessity. Ability in specific regions and additionally broad learning of business are fancied.

Grant analyst

You might get paid up to $32 per hour. Grant analyst jobs normally require a year of prior experience of reviewing and approving grant paperwork, and additionally working to prepare and submit funding requests.

Content editor

You might get paid up to $40 for an hour for this. Working with a style guide, content editors guarantee the perfect use of grammar, spelling and fast turnaround with at times high volumes of content to edit.

Night auditor

You might get paid up to $29 for an hour.  Night auditors work at lodgings during overnight shifts to do paperwork, help with visitor relations, and bolster accounting operations. Night auditor occupations require math abilities, computing aptitudes, and fundamental bookkeeping knowledge.


You might get paid up to $55 for an hour. The writers work as representatives or specialists and they must have magnificent composition and editing skills, in addition the capacity to work with deadlines. Contingent upon the composition work, a writer will be in charge of creating specific and focused content in one or more subject areas.

Circulation Clerk

You might get paid up to $19 for an hour. Circulation clerks work in libraries to help library benefactors and make positive encounters for guests. Fundamental office learning and encounter and a foundation in client administration are required for this sort of employment.

Guest Service coordinator

You might get paid up to $21 for an hour. Guest Service Coordinator jobs are overwhelming on client benefit and are offered by a tremendous assortment of businesses, from philanthropies to travel and tourism. Visitor benefit organizers work with clients, give administrative support, and help settle issues.