Hybrid Education Opens The Door For Hybrid Jobs

Hybrid Education Opens The Door For Hybrid Jobs

Whether you are a college or university student, there comes a time when you need to start interviewing for the job you hope to get after you graduate. In addition to familiar jobs such as financial analyst or engineer consultant, there is an increase in new job titles. Some of these less familiar terms include marketing automation manager, forensic technologist, and digital storyteller.

According to data on the labor market, there is a growing trend in the rise of hybrid jobs.

Burning Glass, a workforce analytics firm, reported that over a quarter of a million of hybrid jobs were established between April in 2014 and March 2015. Most of the hybrid jobs are in high paying fields and require a set of skills that are not necessarily taught as a package in a higher learning institution.

Benefits Of The Increase In Hybrid Jobs

First and foremost, hybrid jobs are creating new employment opportunities for university and college students hoping to graduate soon. For instance, positions in mobile development have increased by 135%, as of 2011. Mobile development requires a combination of skills from computer science, engineering and coding. At present, employees that can think across complex systems and work in complex teams are the ones in highest demand.  ‘New age’ employers are looking for the professional able to lead or be part of a team comprising of a data scientist, an engineer and a coder, for instance.  This said person should effectively understand all the different roles and have the skills and knowledge to coordinate across them.

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The Combination of Skills

Combining several jobs into one can help solve a number of problems for employers.  Hybrid jobs also provide a great deal of satisfaction as they combine both talent and passion. Most students in higher learning institutions opt to seek experience and education in several disciplines, rather than specialize in one since the job market is also changing. Therefore, when employees start hiring new staff, they can get top talent without necessarily having to increase headcount. If the company’s budget doesn’t allow them to hire a specific number of persons, employers can find creative ways to combine these positions.

Hybrid jobs also create an alternative to layoffs, especially in cases where the employer is forced to downsize but doesn’t want to lose top talent.

A more hybrid form of education gives rise to a generation of employees who can be cross-trained to take on other positions if their previous roles are no longer needed.

What It Means For Institutions of Higher Education

Since new jobs that are emerging are increasingly hybrid in nature, higher education institutions may now need to embrace this change across many areas of employment and introduce more hybrid programs of study.  The right type of education for nurturing hybrid education systems need to be both deep and broad. The job market world is getting to a point, or perhaps it is already there, where expertise in one single domain just won’t suffice.

In the economy of the near future, a regular employee will be required to have in-depth knowledge in more than one domain. Therefore more learning institutions need to introduce a system that will put tomorrow’s graduates on the job market map. Since the job market is rapidly becoming complex, exposing college and university students to a more hybrid form of education will help prepare them for the type of employment available.