How To Choose The Best University In The Country In A Budget

How To Choose The Best University In The Country In A Budget

Finishing high school is one of the most exciting events in a student’s life. For one that plans on advancing to the next level, the right institution that will provide quality education is a top consideration. With alumni debt to consider, many students, as well as their families, have to look into issues such as cost even as they consider value.

Lots of students consider institutions that promise great returns for their investment. They want to be assured that not only will their investment land them good jobs but it will also ensure that their future earnings will be worth it.

Choosing an affordable college that will not run up huge amounts of money in student debt is, therefore, a real concern.

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Factors To Consider

There are a few factors that students must put into consideration in order to find the college that fits their budget. Some of these factors include the following:

Cost Of Attendance

The consideration here is an institution’s Return on Investment (ROI). Half of the calculation is in the tuition fees. To find schools with the most affordable tuition, the go-to place is the National Center for Education Statistics which provides a ranking.

In addition, visit the specific school’s website which will not only confirm the information but also furnish you with any other information you need such as application guidelines as well as courses on offer.

Your Budget

Naturally, you want a school you can afford. While you may have your heart set on particular institutions, you may have to let them go if they are beyond what you can afford. Additionally, you may find that attending certain institutions will leave you with a huge debt to settle upon graduation.

Even as you think about your budget, do not lose sight of value. Any family will want their child to earn a degree that will guarantee them a great career that will earn them a good salary. Ultimately, your expectations on ROI should balance with your budget. It is important to find out how much the average cost of a good college education is before setting a budget.

The Most Budget-Friendly Colleges

If your consideration is a college that guarantees low alumni debts, look into institutions such as the following:

Miami University

This public research university is located in Oxford, Ohio, Texas. It is well known for its liberal arts education and offers undergraduate and graduate degrees in courses such as:

  • The arts
  • Architecture
  • Humanities
  • Business
  • Engineering

It is ranked among the best colleges for undergraduate teaching as well as its athletics programs.


  • In – State – Tuition: $14,958
  • Out – of – State- Tuition: $43,211

University Of Alaska – Fairbanks

The institution is located in Fairbanks, Alaska. It is the perfect institution for students interested in Arctic and northern research. The college is famous for specialties such as:

  • Supercomputing
  • Arctic biology
  • Alaska Native Studies
  • Geophysics
  • Arctic Engineering


  • In – State – Tuition: $6,292
  • Out – of – State Tuition: $19,183

Massachusetts Maritime Academy

This coeducational institution is located in Buzzards Bay, Massachusetts and provides degrees in maritime-related studies. Some of the fields of study include:

  • Marine engineering
  • Marine transportation
  • Liberal arts
  • Professional studies
  • Technical studies

Students who take on maritime Engineering and Maritime Transportation which are college’s oldest fields earn double credentials. They are awarded a Bachelor of Science degree and also graduate as Third Mate. There is also a training ship that is run by the institution.


  • In – State Tuition: $8,398
  • Out – of – State Tuition: $25,824

Montana Tech

Located in Butte, Montana, this institution offers over forty academic programs. The institution’s main focus is on science – based disciplines as well as technical studies. It is made up of the following units:

  • The Graduate School
  • The School of Mines and Engineering
  • The College of Technology
  • The College of Letters, Sciences, and Professional Studies


  • In – State Tuition: $7,125
  • Out – of – State Tuition: $21,956


Ultimately, one can opt for the military institutions such as West Point’s United States Military Academy, Maryland’s United States Naval Academy, or United States Air Force located in Colorado, which charge absolutely nothing for tuition.

These five are barely a scratch on the surface colleges you can go to on a budget. There are myriads schools you can find on National Center for Education Statistics.