A Day In The Life Of An International Student Studying In USA

A Day In The Life Of An International Student Studying In USA

For those who are dreaming to live, learn and grow in the USA, the best opportunity for them is to get enrolled in a student program. And for those who already did that and now planning their trip all they need to possess is one characteristic, which is having a sense of adventure.

Being an international student, you will be experiencing a lot of new and exciting things. Here you will know about a student’s life in the US, including all the adventures and challenges you might face during your stay there.

It is not impossible to discuss exactly what living in the US means to everyone, but it can be a bit difficult. American culture has been enriched by the beliefs and values of virtually every part of the world. From an international student’s perspective, that kind of diversity is quite valuable. Since you are choosing to live in a completely different environment, you will be facing several challenges in your day to day life. But if you decide to live in a part of US that resembles your home country in some way, you will find comfort in those similarities.

Learning more about yourself is might be the most critical part of your choice to go to the U.S. When you comprehend what you need to accomplish, then you can search for the ideal place to study, live and grow in the USA.

Culture Shock

Culture Shock is a feeling of disorientation which many people feel while experiencing an entirely new way of life. Several international students find it difficult to adjust in the new culture of their host country, but with time and support they adapt to it and start enjoying it. But initially it’s quite difficult, therefore you should be prepared to deal with such a scenario.

American Culture

As you may know, one of the signs of U.S culture is independence. International students might find it difficult to adjust to the new culture since the values and customs might be different from their home country. But as soon as you get familiar with it, you start to adapt it and the transition becomes smoother.

Social Life

In America your interactions with others, your social life, is an integral part of your stay in the USA. You should get the most of it by meeting your fellow students, teachers and other people in a positive manner.


There are various choices with regard to choosing where you will live when you are living and studying in the United States. You can either stay in campus dormitories or can choose off-campus apartments or even go for home stays, whichever suits you the best, you can opt for that.


Regardless of whether you are living on or off grounds, in a city or suburb, you have numerous transportation options for getting around in the US. Since the place is quite large, travelling can be an issue for some of the international students. You can easily choose between bicycles or buses or trains or taxis and even go by the subways. Buying a car can also be a good option until money is not a constraint for you.

Safety Issues

Like most issues, safety in the United States is hard to characterize in light of the fact that the United States covers such an extensive region. Especially, for the international students, who are new in the place and are not familiar with the culture and safety issues of the country. For this you need to prepare yourself prior coming to the USA.

Money Matters


It is suggested to bring credit or debit cards instead of cash.

Till now you must be quite aware of the cost of living and education in the USA, which can be quite expensive. But if you are well prepared you can minimize the costs. Since you are new to the place, it’s not suggested to carry a lot of cash with you; instead you can carry credit cards, debit cards, traveler’s checks and normal checks. There are other things as well, which you can consider to control your expenses.

Working in the USA

It is a MUST that you know every one of the necessities and limitations concerning your visa when considering working in the USA.