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Online Associate Degrees in engineering

Engineering is the bedrock subject for many of today’s most important and largest industries. Put simply, engineers research and develop solutions to technical problems by applying the theories and principles of science and mathematics. Industries include:

• Aerospace
• Agricultural
• Biomedical
• Chemical
• Civil
• Computer Hardware
• Electrical and Electronics
• Environmental
• Industrial
• Materials
• Mechanical
• Mining and Geological
• Nuclear
• Petroleum

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2002, 1.5 million engineers were employed in the US.

In order to become a properly certified engineer, you would need more than an associate engineering degree. The associates engineering degree gives you many engineering fundamentals without going into the details that you would for a bachelor’s degree or masters.

This degree is perfect for those working in the mid levels of any of the above industries that want to switch to another industry at the same level. Engineering training gives you the core principles that unite the technological industries. Living in an era where job stability isn’t quite what it used to be, having that core training is not a bad idea at all, even if it isn’t enough to make you an actual engineer.

The online aspect of the degree goes further in making an associates engineering degree a good way to round out a technological career. Online degrees save you the trouble of having to commute to a community college or university. Your life on the job or with your family shouldn’t be nearly as distracted and pressured as pursuing a regular, offline degree.

And beyond giving you a leg up on the competition for technological jobs in general, an associates engineering degree can also be the first half of getting the full-fledged bachelor’s degree. If you should decide a little later in your career to become a certified engineer, you would already be on your way there.

Associate Degree Programs in Engineering

Our Featured Education Partners:


Westwood College
Westwood College Online is accredited by the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges of Technology
The Westwood College offers the following online associate degree in engineering:
    Associate Degree in Computer Network Engineering
    The Computer Network Engineering course is designed to provide graduate students with the knowledge and skills necessary to configure, install, design and maintain enterprise-wide networks. The combination of general and technical education course subjects will help develop skills in problem solving, communication, logic and critical thinking. Career opportunities include entry-level jobs as network administrator and computer support specialist.

    Associate Degree in Software Engineering
    The Software Engineering program is designed to teach students the necessary skills and knowledge required for the design and implementation of computer software. The program combines courses in technical and general education to help students develop communication and problem solving skills. Software engineering jobs are everywhere and students will have career opportunities in a number of entry-level jobs including Web site developers, software developers, database analysts and computer programmers.

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ECPI College of Technology
ECPI is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools to award associate and bachelor degrees
The ECPI College of Technology offers the following online engineering technology associate degree:
    Associate in Computer Electronics Engineering Technology
    The computer electronics engineering technology course will teach you the required skills in the following subjects, Data Communications, Proficiency in the Use of Test Equipment, Computer Peripherals and Systems, Digital Technology, Computer Networks, Computer and Network Troubleshooting Skills, Analog and Digital Electronics. This degree will prepare you for a successful career opportunities as Network Technician, Computer Technician, Technical Support Specialist, Electronics Technician and more.

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Pen Foster Career School
The Penn Foster Career School is accredited by the Middle States Commission on Secondary Schools for high school and vocational-technical programs, and by the Accrediting Commission of the Distance Education and Training Council (DETC).
Nationally accredited Penn Foster offers quick, convenient, affordable, at-home training. Earn a specialized associate degree in as little as 2 years or a career diploma in as little as 6 months and gain marketable, real-world skills.
    Associate in Electrical Engineering Technology
    This program will teach you the skills you need to begin a career in Electrical Engineering Technology. You will learn valuable skills in the following subjects - Electrical and Electronic Measurement and Instruments, Fundamentals of Electricity, Interpreting the National Electric Code, Electric Motors and Controls and more. The Penn Foster distance learning program will ensure that you earn your Associate in Electrical Engineering Technology degree quickly and conveniently.

    Associate in Mechanical Engineering Technology
    Study at your own pace to earn your Associate in Mechanical Engineering Technology. You will learn the valuable skills required to begin a career in mechanical engineering technology. Courses include Tool Design, Fluid Mechanics, Technical Writing, Mechanical Design, Engineering Mechanics, Technical Mathematics, Technology Orientation and more. The Mechanical Engineering Technology distance learning associate degree will open a vast number of career opportunities in construction sites, laboratories, industrial plants, manufacturing factories and of course private engineering firms and government agencies. As business and industry increases the use of technology for creative solutions to efficiency and productivity problems, the number of jobs for Mechanical Engineering Technicians will continue to grow. In as little as two years from enrollment, you can have your Associate Degree in Mechanical Engineering Technology!

    Civil Engineering Technology
    Learn the skills and knowledge that is required to kick start you career in Civil Engineering Technology. You will learn valuable skills with the following courses - Highway Construction and Design, Engineering Materials, Engineering Mechanics, Technical Writing, Land Surveying, Technology Orientation, Technical Mathematics and more. Course subjects cover knowledge of mathematics, mechanics, computer programming, and more. These concepts covered in these courses are vital to the success of a Civil Engineering Technician. This degree will prepare you for career positions in both the US and abroad. You can earn your Associate in civil engineering degree at home in a minimum of two years.

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